This is Bubba Moose, a CFA registered Maine Coon cat. Bubba was born 8/11/96. Weighs 24
pounds. Maine Coons are known as gentle giants and Bubba is no exception. I take him to PetSmart
and we get mobbed. People think I'm carrying a medium sized dog  until they get closer!
Hey!!  I caught him!  No, wait, this thing's made of rubber!!!
Bubba at about 16 weeks old.  He's bigger than a grocery bag these days!!!
Bubba's baby pic. 12 weeks old.
Unlike Pokey and Inkie, who were rescued
from bad situations, Bubba Moose came
from a Maine Coon cattery in Michigan
where he had lots of little Maine Coon
friends.  I took him back to Germany where I
lived at the time.  Pokey has never forgiven
me for bringing him into the 'family'.  From
Germany we went to San Antonio where we
lived for three-and-a-half years. I left the Air
Force and moved back to Michigan in 2001
where we finally settled down.  Bubba enjoys
looking at the birds and squirrels through
the window and pouncing on anything that

Bubba is definately a "daddy's boy" and
follows me from room to room, eager to help
out in whatever activity I'm engaged in
(Maybe I should give him equal credit for
the creation of this web site?).  His crazy
antics qualify him as a clown (I should send
a video tape to Animal Planet).

One of Bubba's favorite games - he will
pester and meow at me until I follow him
into the kitchen. I have to follow him to the
food bowl and pet him while he eats.  
Sometimes I wonder who's training who
around this house......
"Great - he'll spend hundreds of hours building, detailing and painting this
thing so I can knock it off the shelf and destroy it in 30 seconds...!"
I bought this heated cat bed for Pokey.  Not only
does Bubba use it, but it's too small for him!
Below:  How degrading.....