Inkie (1995-2008)
OK, I'll have to warn ya first... Inkie absolutely HATES being
photographed. The flash scares her. Therefore I only have few pictures
to post here.
Ink was born in Germany. I got her out of a shelter ran by the U.S. Army. I was told
that she was born feral, somebody found the litter of kittens and turned them
over to the shelter. She couldn't meow until she was a few months old. She would
try, but all that came out was some grunting noise. Even today her meow is funny
sounding. I say she meows with a German accent...
I will always have a black cat in my house.  Unlike most, I consider them good luck.
I'm outta here!!! -- Approach Inkie with a camera and this is
the reaction you are likely to get.
HEY!! You ruin a perfectly good nap to take another stupid picture?????
Ink at 8 years old.  Photo taken October 2003.  She has recently taken to getting under this rug.
A postscript, Tuesday, March 11, 2008:

After much soul searching, I finally had to make very difficult descision.  Inkie was put to sleep today.  A couple of
months ago I noticed something wrong when she stopped sleeping with me.  It looked like she was getting some arthritus
which was restricting her movement.  Her condition continued to deteriorate until a couple of weeks ago when she came
out from under the bed draging her hind legs.   Arthritus does not cause paralysis, as far as I know.  I got her to the vet
the next day.  She was diagnosed with an unspecified  nuerological disorder.  The only way to find out exactly what was
wrong would have been to do an MRI at $3500.  No way I could come up with that kind of money.   We decided to try
treatment with steriods, which worked for a short time.  Ink hated the steroid regimin and constantly hid under the
bed.  On top of that, the other cats started picking on her, being the weakest of the herd, or something like that.  Given
that this was making a large negative impact on Inkie's quality of life, I had to make the desision to have my baby girl
put down.

As I noted some time ago at the top of this page, there will always be a black cat in this house.  One of these days I
expect there will be the pitter-patter of little feet here as I welcome a new kitten.

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