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U.S. Air Force Museum
Excellent site with info on every aircraft used by the Air Force and its predecessors.
Like your aircraft civil? Thousands of pictures here!
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USAF Thunderbirds
Site with info of the Air Force's demonstration squadron. Includes airshow schedule.
U.S. Navy Blue Angels
These guys are the true Top Guns. Schedules and other cool stuff here.
U.S. Army Golden Knights
The world's premier parachute demonstration team.  Bubba sez: Check 'em out!!!
National Museum of Naval Aviation
The #1 visited museum in Florida.  See why.
National Air and Space Museum
Part of the Smithsonian complex in Washington, DC, this is one of the world's great aircraft collections.
Monino Museum Official Site  (in Russian)
Premier aviation museum in Russia.  It's a great site but can be hard to navigate if you can't read
French air museum at LeBouret-Paris.  Main website in French but it looks like an English language
site is being put together.  Nice pictures even if you can't read French.
Pima Air & Space Museum
Airplanes in the desert.  Located adjacent to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tuscon, Arizona.  
Many of the aircraft on display came from the "boneyard" at D-MAFB.  The collection contains
many one-of-a-kind airplanes.
Strategic Air & Space Museum
The Stratecic Air Command was America's "big stick" from 1947 to the end of the Cold War.  
This museum honors the fine people who stood vigilant all those years to protect the freedom we
take for granted.  Peace was their profession.
Royal Air Force Museum
Outstanding collection of aircraft used by our friends across the Atlantic.  Includes the Battle
of Britain and Bomber Command collections.
Aviation Portals and Other Aviation aites:
Russian Strizhi (Swifts)
Russain Air Force aerobatic team flying MiG-29's.  Site is in Russian with an English
version coming.
Nice photographs and some cool wallpaper for your computer.
Russian Knights
Another Russian Aerobatic team.  These guys are flying Su-27's. This site does have an english
version.  Be sure to sign their guest book.
I'm looking for a few good sites! - -
If you know of any good aviation related sites not here already, please let me know about
them. I would be most interested in museums and military demonstration teams from
outside the U.S.A. but all are welcome.  Thanks!
Information and photographs of often overlooked but very important aircraft.
Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre
Located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, just across the border from Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Interesting collection of historic civil aircraft.
March Field Museum
Nice collection near Riverside, CA.  Once upon a time I was a volunteer at this museum while I
was stationed at March AFB.  Many photographs on my aviation pages were shot here.
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