Lucky O'Toole
Every cat loving person loves all their cats, but every now-and-then a cat enters your life that turns out to
really special.  Lucky turned out to be one of those unforgettable cats.   I had no plans of adding another
cat to the "family".....    It all started when my sister, who is a volunteer at the local Humane Society,
asked me to go with her on a resupply run to the PetSmart store so I could help with some heavy lifting
(300 lbs. of cat litter + bags of dry cat food).  We got the stuff loaded and headed to the "cat house" as my
sister refers to the cat shelter.  I got all the supplies unloaded and went to check out the resident cats,
most of which roam free in the building.  A "new" cat, a great big white and black boy made his presence
known and caught my eye.  He was a handsome fellow and real friendly too.  He had been brought in by a
woman who is expecting a baby and thought she couldn't keep him.  My sister tried to tell her it'd be OK
to keep him around but she was adamant about dropping him off.  As I was giving him some attention my
sister told me that if I wanted him, to just take him home because they had plans to "put him to sleep" the
following day.  He was six years old at the time, and nobody wants an older cat.  Also, he had been in and
out of that particular shelter several times.  (NOTE: I hate killing animal 'shelters') The I suppose that
this "Humane Society" figured he was un-adoptable, but seriously - there is no excuse.   I knew I had to
do the right thing and save him by bringing him home.  The place is now a little crowded now with four
cats, but I'm still able to provide them all with a good home.
It turns out that Lucky had been in and out of several homes, landing in the shelter in between.  He started
out in a nursing home as a resident cat.  I don't know why they would have wanted him to go, as he has the
perfect personality for a nursing home.  Maybe there were allergy issues, or perhaps a new manager didn't
like having a pet around.  From there he was placed in a home with an elderly lady, but her son was afraid
the cat would get underfoot and trip the lady.  Broken bones are serious issues for elderly folks, so Lucky
went back to the shelter.  From there, he went with the young woman mentioned in the paragraph above.  
Now I have him and as far as I'm concerned, he's here to stay.
No need to buy another cat bed!!!
(The World's Laziest Cat!)
Lucky really likes the new fish aquarium.    Here he is trying to high-five the fish...
(Below:) World's champion sleeper