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Arabia Steamboat Museum
The Arabia was a paddlewheel steamboat that
sank in the Missouri River in 1856. The river's
course changed through the years and the Arabia
was found in 1988 under 40 feet of dry land.  A
fascinating story and literally tons of well
preserved artifacts.
Internet Movie Database
Information on just about every movie ever
made. You can search by star(s) or Titles. Also has
trivia and goofs related to the movies.
Titanic Historical Society
Founded in 1963.   A organization of R.M.S.
Titanic enthusiaists.  Has nothing to do with the
1997 movie...
Trans Atlantic Designs
Ken Marschall is a well known expert on the
Titanic as well as a great maritime artist.  His
images of the Titanic and other classic
steamships are second-to-none.
Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi
What's a tornado in Kansas got in common with
a divorce in Mississippi?    Well, someone's
gonna lose a mobile home!
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Weird Al here? Oh, what the heck, why not...?
Speaking of movies, if you're a parent of small
children and you're not sure if a movie playing is
safe or age appropriate, check this site.  Reviews
designed for parents
Astronomy Picture of the Day
One of my favorite sites on the internet.  Cool and
beautiful pictures.  You'll learn something too!
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