Pokey (1991 - 2010)
Pokey is the queen of this house.  She's a scrawny little thing - skin and bones weighing in at a
whopping six pounds.  But what she lacks in size, she more than makes up for in attitude!  She's
lived with a number of other cats over the years besides Bubba and Inkie, and she's ruled with an
iron paw in every house she's occupied.  Even 24 pound Bubba Moose gets out of her way when
she strutts her stuff!!  Due to the lack of meat on her little bones, Pokey is constantly seeking the
warmest place in the house as some pictures on these pages will attest to.  Pokey is also the oldest
cat around here.  She's 19 years old.
No, this WASN'T a  New Year's Eve party...  No meat on my
bones - Gotta keep warm!!!  Winter's cold in Michigan!
Heated cat bed - Gotta keep warm!!!
Patients at a dentist's office in Midland,
Mich. are greeted by this photo of Pokey.