Julie Clark
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Julie Clark is one of my favorite airshow acts.  She's a former airline pilot who now flies on the
airshow circuit in the United States.  She flies an extensively restored Beechcraft T-34 that
she purchased from government surplus.  The aircraft was in pretty rough shape when she got
it and she restored to a highly polished condition.  Very few airplanes are this clean.
Julie Clark's performance has a patriotic theme.  Her T-34 is painted up
in a scheme reminiscent of Air Force One.  She also uses music and some
pyrotechnics to set the mood.  It has to be seen to be truly appreciated!
This is clean:  The engine compartment is so clean that you could eat your
dinner in there.  Also note that the cylinder valve covers are gold plated.
BubbaMoose.com >>> Airplanes >>> Julie Clark
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