Khodinka Aviation Museum
Moscow, Russia
Aircraft List:
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While the museum at Khodinka is considerably smaller than Monino, it is much more accessable for the
casual visitor/tourist to Moscow.  It is located within the limits of the city and there are no restrictions
on visitors as is the case with Monino.  I found the staff at Khodinka to be very friendly.  Anyone wishing
to visit can get there via bus, trolly or Metro.  More information is at the bottom of this page.  Also, it
appears the aircraft are kept in better condition.  I first visited in 1991 and my last visit was in 1997.  It
appeared to me that care had been taken to keep the aircraft in excellent condition.  The list of aircraft
types below is small, but it should be noted that in many cases several sub-types of each are on display.