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Boeing 377 Stratocruiser by Academy
1/72 scale injection molded plastic model kit - comments and photos by p.w. stantiford
LEFT and BELOW: Academy Boeing
377 model that I built a few years ago
straight out of the box with no
modifications.  I felt that this Pan
American scheme was rather boring,
but no aftermarket decals were
available at the time.  Also, many areas
of the kit are carryover from the
Academy C-97 series of kits and are
incorrect for a civilian Boeing 377.  
Currently, there are aftermarket
correction kits for the civilian version
which I intend to use for my next
Stratocruiser project.  A small number
of aftermarket decals are now available
as well, so the modeler has a choice of
Inside the box:
RIGHT: Decals provided for
the Boeing prototype and a
Pan American aircraft,
"Clipper Nightingale".  Both
are bare metal aircraft.
ABOVE: Parts come on five sprues of medium grey plastic and one clear sprue.  A couple of these are common with the Academy
B-29/B-50/C-97 series of kits and some of the parts will not be included on the civilian Boeing 377.  Academy tried to take a shortcut here by
using some of the military parts for the civil aircraft model.  For instance, the propellers are correct for a B-50 or C-97, but not the 377.   Clear
parts not illustrated here.
Building a New Stratocruiser:
Aftermarket Accessories:
RIGHT: I found these aftermarket
decals for a Northwest Boeing 377 by
Flying Colors Decals of California.  
This is a striking 1950's airliner color

Northwest 377's had rectangular
passenger windows.  The Academy kit
features the round window version of
the Boeing 377.  For changing the
shape of the windows, Flying Colors
has provided decals.   I'm not crazy
about this method, but it's a whole lot
easier than trying to reshape the kit
windows.   Flying Colors puts out a
terrific decal product and I highly
recommend them!
LEFT: Cobra Company makes a resin
and metal upgrade set for the
Academy kit.  This set is designed to
correct the original kit parts and
enhance detail.

This is a high quality product and the
resin castings are very nice - especially
the engine detail inside the cowlings.  I
highly recommend this set.