North American P-51D Mustang
1:32 Scale model kit by Dragon Models
This is a project planned for later in 2012 or
2013.  It will be done as a camouflaged
aircraft in Israeli Air Force service from 1956.

Kit box contents and aftermarket stuff I plan
on using is being shown for now.

I also have the newer (and much better...)
Tamiya kit, but I will be building this first.  
The main reason that I'm not just giving up
on this kit is because I have a lot invested
into it.

Please stay tuned to this channel..........
//////////UNDER CONSTRUCTION \\\\\\\\\\
I. Kit Contents:
Kit decals: >>> Models >>> Dragon P-51D Mustang
ABOVE:  Box art for Dragon's 1/32 scale P-51D Mustang kit.
II. Aftermarket Stuff:
For P-51 historical and technical background see the Wikipedia entry click HERE
P-51D entry at National Museum of the United States Air Force click HERE
Resin corrections and details
from Jerry Rutman.  Landing gear,
wheels, and a new propeller.  The
prop spinner I received was
squashed.  I think I have a way to
correct that problem using hot
water and the original kit part.
Jerry Rutman's P-51D cockpit.
Jerry Rutman's landing gear bays.
Most P-51 kits on the market got
this area wrong.  This will fix any
accuracy problems, and add
To be continued...
A sample of the Rutman instructions.