Fisher Model and Pattern Hawker Sea Fury FB.11
This model kit available through The Fisher Model and pattern website.  Click HERE.
The Hawker Sea Fury first flew
in February of 1945 and thus,
was one of several aircraft
developed for use in World War
II, but came too late to be used
in that war.  It was based on the
land-based Hawker Fury, which
was cancelled when the war
ended.   The naval variant
continued to be developed,
however.   Although too late for
WW2, Sea Furies saw action in
the Korean war, flying from
British and Australian aircraft
carriers.  On 8 August 1952 a
Royal Navy Sea Fury shot down
an enemy MiG-15 jet fighter.
The Hawker Sea Fury was
powered by a 18 cylinder Bristol
Centaurus air-cooled radial
engine producing 2480
horsepower.  It had a maximum
speed of 460 mph and cruising
speed of 390 mph.

Armament consisted of four
20mm guns as well as bombs
and rockets.
When I first saw the Fisher Sea
Fury kit on the internet I knew it
was one I had to have.  I couldn't
resist getting one to do up in Royal
Canadian Navy colors.  This
aircraft is a natural in the two-tone
grey paint job and the maple leaf
national markings.  The kit is a very
high quality product.  It's nicely
engineered and parts fit extremely
well for an all-resin kit.  Landing
gear legs are of cast brass and
strong enough to support the
weight of all that resin.  Clear parts
were made from clear resin and
work much better than  
vacuformed plastic.  Decals were
made by Cartograf of Italy and as
always, were first-rate.