"Rommel's Rod"
A do-over for Monogram's classic kit!
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(ABOVE) The box art for the 2009 issue of the kit.  The 1969 original did not have the
Tom Daniel signature, the skill level, nor the multi-language printed at the bottom.
Every now and then you do get to do something
over in life.  I wish it more important things
than an old model kit, but I digress....  I
bought one of these at the corner drugstore
back in 1969 for a couple of dollars plus tax,
took it home and glued it together.  Probably
painted the skeletons white and the tracks
black, but I really don't remember.  Not a
model of anything real, I found it humorous.
Flash forward to the mid-1990's and I had
never forgotten that model kit.  It'd be nice to
get another and build it with all the skills I had
learned since I was a kid in the late 60's.  It
was discontinued by Monogram in 1970-71 and
was never re-issued. When I set out to find
one, it was nearly impossible.  When ebay came
along, I started looking there, but was shocked
by unbuilt kits going for upwards of $250.  Even
half-junked built ones were selling for in the
$100 range.  How depressing.......
(Story continues below...)
After watching ebay for a few years, I just decided it wasn't going to happen, and it seemed that
Monogram was not interested in reissuing.  My hopes got up when a friend alerted me to a notice that
another company was looking into tooling their own kit.  I assume they must have been in talks with Tom
Daniel, the original designer.  It looked like nothing was coming out of that, when in 2009, Revell-Monogram
announced they were going to reissue the kit.  Long story short, I got my hands of two kits later in 2009.  
Judging from reading a paragraph on the instruction sheet, the original molds were damaged, and I suppose
Monogram decided it wasn't cost effective to repair or replace them.  I'm assuming here, but I think that
once one of their competitors was looking into their own kit, Monogram decided to tool up a new Rommel's
Rod kit.  The kit instructions imply that this is a new-tool copy of the original kit, not technically a reissue.
My "Rommel's Rod" kit was built straight from the box, with no modifications.  
I'm betting some serious armor model builders could have some fun with this one.....  
But, I'm primarily an airplane guy, and this is all you're getting from me!  ENJOY!
The kit is a rather simple affair, consisting of about 50 parts molded in tan
plastic, along with several chromed and two clear parts.  A sheet of
whimsical decals complete the package.  Construction was straightforward and
easy.  Fit of parts was excellent.  I used Model Master paints.  Exterior
was RLM 79 sand yellow and most of the interior was done in a light grey.
Like the Phoenix arising out of ash-
es, the coolest, hippest, and most
far-out WWII 'Kommand Kar' is
back! ROMMEL'S ROD! As myste-
rious and timeless as the Sphinx of
Egypt, arising out of the shifting Af-
rican sands, Rommel's Rod returns!
While no one knows for certain what
happened so many years ago to the
mysteriously 'disappeared' tooling
for the 'Desert foxes' own bones as
well as his favorite Kommand Kar,
this 1:24 scale plastic model kit has
all-new tooling - improved in ways to
ensure that you - the modeler - will
have even more fun building this kit
than you did nearly 40 years ago!
From the 2009 kit instruction sheet:
(Page last updated: 2/2020.)
I'm extremely pleased to have this one sitting on my shelf.