Heinkel He 111P-1 by Revell of Germany
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The second release in Revell's series of
1:32 scale twin-engined bombers from
World War Two.  The kit comes in a large
box full of light gray plastic.  I found it to be
an enjoyable project and all parts fit very
nicely.  It was not the perfect kit, and my
observations are listed in Section VI below.
II. Aftermarket Items:
III. Assembly:
IV. Painting:
V. Finishing/Decals/Details:
Sometimes a project starts when a suggestion is made.....
VI. Conclusions:
For historical and technical background, see the Wikipedia entry click HERE.
Fuselage and wing halves
Kit decals
Shown here are Eduard's photoetch seatbelt set.  I also used some of their interior &
exterior parts, not shown here.  I had anticipated this being a heavy model, and
added metal landing gear parts from Scale Aircraft Conversions.  Decals from
Xtradecal provided interesting markings for an aircraft used in the Battle of Britain.
Wing center section and control surfaces.
Interior parts
Bomb bay, bombs, landing
gear and engines
Gunner's station, more landing gear, and
interior parts.
....and clear parts.
I found this to be a really nice kit, but it was not without its problems.  Most annoying was the inaccuracy of
the kit instructions.  Part numbers and some assembly were wrong.  I took notes as I went along, and they are
listed below.  Mine is the Revell/Germany kit, so if you have the USA issue of this kit, they may have worked
out the kinks in the instructions...but maybe not.... I don't know how much of these will or will not apply to the
Revell He 111H-6 kit, as I've never seen that one. I hope these will help you with your kit:

STEP 32: Attach part 10 (X2) after the model is completely assembled, before painting.

STEP 43: Having to do with attaching part 28 to part 29.  There are no locating guide marks as shown in the
instructions.  Skip this step and attach part 28 in step 48.  This will insure exact placement of part 28.

STEP 44: Same as above, but for opposite wing.

STEP 48: Dry fit engine assemblies to see how they line up.  This will show you exactly where to attach part
28 from steps 43/44 on each side.

STEP 50: Use part 20, not Part 32.

STEP 52: Use part 32, not part 20.

STEP 53: Fit of assemblies 42 might be fussy.

STEP 55: As shown, part 69 (bomb nose shackle ring) is mislabelled in the instructions.  They are actually part

Some other things - The MG15 guns are underscale and look weird.  Aires makes some beautiful resin
replacements.  Two things to watch out for on the wings - 1.) watch that you don't get too much dihedral.  I
fixed by adjusting the outer wings before the glue completely set.  Then, on the underside there will be a 'step'
at the joint where the outer wing sections attach. It looked as if it meant to fit that way, as they are perfect on
both sides. I refered to a review build in the British magazine "Military In Scale" and the builder there ran into
the same problem. His fix was to sand the heck out of it and remove the 'step' then rescribe the panel lines.
The model was sprayed with a couple of coats of Future, before and after decals applied..
Model was weathered using oil paint washes and
artists pastels.  Clear flat coat used was Gunze H20.
Cockpit was painted in RLM 66 dark
gray.  Bomb bay and rear crew areas
were painted RLM 02 gray.
Engine nacelle assemblies.  The exhaust
stub parts are resin replacements from
Fuselage and wing center section dry-fit.  
It wasn't mentioned in the instructions, but
it appears that the fuselage top (not
shown here) is designed to be a snap-fit,
and removable for viewing the interior of
the rear crew compartment.
Major subassemblies
Wing center section and bomb
racks painted in RLM02 gray.
Paints used were Xtracolor
enamels.  Bottom surfaces
were painted RLM65 light
blue.  Once dry, the bottom
was masked off and the
top was painted in RLM71
dark green.
This was a hard-edge "splinter"
camouflage scheme.  When all
the other paints were dried, the
model was again masked off and
remaining areas were sprayed
with RLM70 black green.
I.  Kit Contents: