Special Hobby Bell P-39D "Airacobra"
(1:32 Scale Short-Run Technology Model Kit)
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For historical background and technical specifications, see the Bell P-39 Airacobra entry at Wikipedia click HERE
Special Hobby manufactures model kits that are known as "short
run" moldings in the hobby.  Short run model kits are produced
by a number of kit manufacturers, most of them being in the
Czech Republic.  "Short-run" means that they use a technique to
make plastic molds that are less expensive to produce than
traditional plastic molds in order to produce plastic model hobby
kits that may not sell as well as the more well-known
Messerschmitts, Mustangs, or F-16's.  The P-39 falls into that
category.  Short-run has drawbacks.  Most notably, the molds
will not last as long as normal molds, wearing out after maybe
a couple of years or so of production.  That's where the term
"short-run" comes from.  Also, the product of these types of
molds may not be of the high quality one would expect from the
Japanese model kit makers.  Over the years, the Czech
manufacturers have worked hard to improve the quality of their
product, as evidenced by this kit.
The Special Hobby kit built up into a
very nice model.  I was prepared to
deal with a large number of fit issues,
considering the nature of this kit.  I
was pleasantly surprised, however,
that fit issues were minimal.  While
this is not a model kit for those new to
the hobby, it can be built nicely by
intermediate level modellers.
Aftermarket decals from Zotz were
used.  Printing quality of these was