Convair XC-99
The XC-99 was a transport developed from the B-36 heavy bomber.  The XC-99 and B-36 shared
common wings.  The wings were made at the Convair Ft. Worth,TXplant  and shipped to San Diego,
CA  where the rest of the aircraft was built.  First flight was 24 November 1947 and was the world's
largest landplane at the time.  Only one was built.  After testing the aircraft was assigned to Carswell
AFB, TX and then Kelly AFB, TX.  Pan American Airways considered using the type in 1945, but lost
interest when they decided it would not be profitable.  The XC-99 continued to carry cargo until August
1957 when the airframe reached the end of its life expectancy.  Since only one was built it was not
economical to make necessary inspections and repairs so it was retired at Kelly.  It has been at Kelly
ever since and attempts to have it restored  have failed, resulting in severe deterioration.  These photos
were shot at Kelly AFB in 1999 and show the sad condition the XC-99 is in today.  Ownership of the
aircraft has been transerred to the U.S. Air Force Museum and it is hoped that it will be restored but its
future still remains uncertain.