Real and Imitation ZERO Fighters....
Back in the early 1970's many American airplanes such as T-6 Texans and Vultee Valiant
trainers were modified to resemble Japanese aircraft for the making of the film "Tora Tora
Tora".  The same airplanes were later used in the Disney "Pearl Harbor" movie.  Most of
these planes can be seen at airshows in various parts of the country.  I attended an airshow
in the late 80's where I photographed a genuine Zero in flight along with a Texan made to
look like a Zero.  The diferences can be clearly seen in the two photographs below:
The genuine A6M5 Zero flying through the smog of southern California in 1988.
Smoggy days make for terrible aviation photography. This is the T-6 Texan made to look like
a Zero....